Volunteering during your Gap Year allows you to explore the world as more than just a tourist. Lattitude Global Volunteering is one of the largest international volunteer programs, supporting roughly 1000 young people globally every year. As a nonprofit organisation, we ensure we remain cost effective and are transparent about all costs involved, while providing comprehensive support throughout the process. After 45 years of global experience, we think we've got a pretty good thing going!

gap year benefits

Congratulations! You’re graduating high school and are ready for your next challenge. Check out the stats below to see if a Gap Year with Lattitude might benefit you.


Improved Leadership

96% of Gap Year students reported an increased sense of self-confidence and maturity. They often took on roles of leadership on campus and in their daily lives.



90% of Gap Year students returned to post secondary school within the first year back. In fact, studies indicate that compared with their peers, Gap students maintain a consistently higher GPA overall.



While not always benefiting employability directly, many employers often look for distinguishing experiences like a Gap Year or volunteer programs to separate job applicants from a large group.



A typical Gap Year often costs the same or less than a year tuition at a US university or college.

What is a Gap Year?

Gap years originated in the UK in the early 1970’s. A decade later Gap Years came to Canada and the US. Lattitude Global Volunteering is one of the oldest Gap Year programs in the world, started in 1972.

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Canada, being a commonwealth country, was quicker to adopt the idea than the US. Since their broader acceptance into both the Canadian and American education system, Gap Years have served the added benefit of lessening the growing academic burnout that commonly occurs.


In the United States, the practice of taking a “year off” remains the exception, but is gaining in popularity. Many colleges and universities, most notably Harvard and Princeton are now encouraging students to take time off, and some have even built Gap Year programs into their curriculum.



a gap year will not only impact a community, you’ll notice real change within yourself

Returned volunteers who said a gap year enhanced their employability

Felt a Gap Year gave them more confidence and a willingness to try new things

Enabled volunteers to gain new skills and experience which was relevant to their future careers

The experience, the people, the stories...they’re all completely priceless!
— Liam (English Teacher in China)