Travel Blogging

Writing a travel blog can be a fantastic pastime for a few reasons:

  • it is an opportunity to share your unique experiences with your family and friends - help them to better understand what you going through as an international volunteer, as well as give them insight into new and wonderful places

  • it is a hobby and an opportunity for your own reflection - maintaining a routine can be helpful when you are settling into a new place, and scheduling hobbies such as blogging can be a great way to keep busy. Writing can also be an important way to process your thoughts, feelings and experiences, sometimes even more so than talking to someone about them.

So, go get started!

Mount Taranaki.jpg

Craft a catchy name

Draw people in with a name that catches their attention - try avoiding widely used words such as:

  • Global, Nomad, Adventurous, Wander, Journey, Backpacker, Travel/traveler/traveling, Vagabond, etc…

Think about what makes YOUR blog unique from everyone else’s, not what makes it the same. Reflect on and take into account your goals, your interests. Stand out! Make it memorable.

Pick a free blogging platform

Here are a few recommended ones to check out:

  • Wix

  • Yola

  • Wordpress

  • Tumblr

  • Medium

  • Blogger

Remember: Give yourself time to practice using your platform of choice - it is normal to take some time to get the hang of it!

Remember that Social media is your Friend

After work social at an izakaya (a must experience!).jpg

These days social media is a crucial means of driving traffic to any website, including your blog. Either create new corresponding accounts or–if your current ones are set to appropriately secure privacy settings–use existing accounts.

Write your first post!

Dani Wood- 1.jpg

Getting the words down on the page can be one of the hardest parts of getting started! The best advice is just to START - your first post can be about anything, about why you are traveling, about your expectations and anxieties, about your future plans... Anything! Just get started.

Be considerate

Remember that your blog is there for the world to see and read, and therefore it is a responsibility to remain conscious and considerate of the things you write about and the photos you post. As discussed in a previous Lattitude Canada blog post, be ethical when it comes to taking and posting photos of other people - always ask for permission.