Top Must-Sees and Dos: Japan!

While it is important to spend plenty of time getting to know and connecting with your host family, local community and colleagues, exploring your placement country is also a great part of your adventure!

Spend a bit of time doing research before departing about what highlights your new country has to offer. And once you have landed, check with trusted friends to get the real inside scoop.

To help in the process we have compiled some of Lattitude’s top picks for must sees and dos in Japan:

1) Sing Karaoke

While karaoke has become a popular activity throughout the world today, there is nothing quite like doing it in the country where it was originally developed. With state of the art equipment, plenty of English song choices, be sure not to miss out on this Japanese pass-time!

2) Go to a Hanami

Japan is known for its cherry blossom displays and they are not to be missed if you are there between March and April. Do as the Japanese do - pack a picnic, some beverages and close friends, and enjoy picnic style under a sky of pink.


3) Take Purikura

Who wouldn’t want to have your own photos in sticker form? Purikura originated in Japan and booths can be found throughout the country.

4) Visit Itsukushima shrine [Hiroshima]

Itsukushima shrine is a registered UNESCO World Heritage site. This is an incredible sight to see in person, one which brings in tourists and Japanese alike to take photos of its beauty.

5) Take in a Sumo Match

Sumo is actually Japan’s national sport, and therefore a must-see for anyone visiting the country! It will be unlike any other sporting event you have been to and can be seen live throughout the country during the season.