Where Should I Go?

So, you’ve made up your mind and decided on the experience of a lifetime by heading overseas with Lattitude. It’s time for a break from the routine and you’re keen to see the world and are ready for the challenge.

One minor setback: you’re not exactly sure where you want to go.

Asking yourself the right questions can make the decision a whole lot easier. We’ve put together a brief list below to help:

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1. How much money do you have saved up?

The challenge of saving up to head overseas is all part of the experience. One question you should ask yourself is the amount of money you will reasonably be able to save before you leave. How long you’re away for and the country you choose could make a big difference in the total cost.

Everyone has different budgets and comforts when travelling, but know that $100 will stretch further in Fiji or Ghana than it will in Australia or the UK. Consider the locality of your placement too. There is a lot more to spend on in the city vs a remote country placement.

2. Off the beaten track or tried & tested?

There are many levels to this one. We have a large number of placements within each country and you may discuss during your interview a preference for being placed quite remotely or somewhere closer to the city. Think about the lifestyle that you’d prefer – immersion in nature or big bright lights?

Another consideration is the culture. An English speaking country like the UK will have the food and lifestyle you’re used to whereas somewhere with less English like Ghana or Vietnam will likely have a totally different approach to life. 

3. How many countries do you want to visit?

This ties into the first question. Bigger budgets will allow more travel after placement and during the holidays, however think about the location of holiday destinations. A placement in Poland or Spain means the whole of Europe is only a short ride away (and can be done on long weekends). A placement in New Zealand or Japan might mean traveling a bit further and longer to visit other countries (although local travel is equally recommended).

4. Skills and Career

Think about what you would like to get out of your year abroad. If you’re passionate about horses or archery, there might be placements perfect for you to build on these skills. You might be someone who wants to work with younger children or you may be completely set on a career as a nurse or teacher.

Your placement could be something that draws on your existing strengths or you could be placed somewhere teaching something you previously knew nothing about! 

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5. Weather and climate

Are you allergic to cold weather or are you hoping to do some skiing in your spare time? Do some research on the local climate and have a think about what suits you best. This could be a chance to challenge yourself with a completely unfamiliar climate, or find somewhere you know you'll be comfortable. 

Hopefully this list has made your decision a little bit clearer. There are many things to consider that aren’t included, but fear not, that’s what we’re here for! We pride ourselves on 45 years of experience and knowledge, plus we’re only a short phone call or email away!