Top Must-Sees and Dos - Poland!

While it is important to spend plenty of time getting to know and connecting with your host family, local community and colleagues, exploring your placement country is also a great part of your Gap Year adventure!

Spend a bit of time doing research before departing about what highlights your new country has to offer. And once you have landed, check with trusted friends to get the inside scoop.

To help in the process we have compiled some of Lattitude’s top picks for must sees and dos in Poland:


Get to the City

Poland has many stories to tell so be sure not to miss out on touring its many historic cities! Krakow, known even during times of war for its beauty was the city the first ever city to be name a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Zamosc, Gdansk and Wroclaw


Get out of the City

Not only does Poland have fascinating historical infrastructure, this country offers endless opportunities to get in touch with nature. Visit Bialowieza National Park for its dreamy buffalo and scenic views, Slowinski National Park for its mystical combination of forest, bog and sand dune, and the Krakow-Wielun Upland for its ancient limestone caves and historical castles.

Get to the Water


Enjoy the endless beauty that the Baltic Coast has to offer by cycling along it on the Euro Velo 10 route. And if the weather permits, be sure to take advantage of a dip in the sea itself. Further inland check out The Masurian Lake District in the northeast; it is claimed that the region contains more than 2000 bodies of water. Many of the lakes offer great opportunities to kayak, as well as island hop.


If one this is for sure, you will not go hungry in Poland. Polish food is hearty, though generally rich in meat, there are options for everyone including thick soups and pierogis. And to wash it all down? Polish vodka is known as some of the world’s finest.