Top Must-Sees and Dos - Fiji

While it is important to spend plenty of time getting to know and connecting with your host family, local community and colleagues, exploring your placement country is also a great part of your Gap Year adventure!

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Spend a bit of time doing research before departing about what highlights your new country has to offer. And once you have landed, check with trusted friends to get the inside scoop.

To help in the process we have compiled some of Lattitude’s top picks for must sees and dos in Fiji:

Snorkel and Dive

As a group of small islands, Fiji is surrounded by year-round clear, warm ocean, housing beautiful coral reefs and lively marine-life. While there are beaches from which you can more easily access for snorkelling, the best opportunities will be found by boat. There are countless dive shops throughout the islands, even hotels offering lessons and trips.

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Take the Nausori Highlands Drive

While it is hard not to find beauty everywhere you look in Fiji, taking in its landscapes from above is hard to beat. Take a drive up the Nadi Back Road and find hiking trails around some of the Highlands’ hills, and be rewarded with views out to the entire wider Nadi and Denarau area and out to sea.

Sample Fiji’s ‘National Drink’

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Kava goes beyond being a beverage enjoyed throughout Fiji. Made from the root of yaqona, an indigenous pepper plant of the region, Kava is not known for its inviting flavour though is celebrated for its calming nature. The beverage is utilized throughout Fijian life, including for religious, cultural, medicinal, political and–of course–social purposes.

Chase a Waterfall

There are may waterfalls throughout Fiji’s islands, so be sure to ask around to find Fijians’ best kept secrets. In the meantime, be sure to plan to visit the islands of Vanua Levu and Taveuni. The tropical hike to get to the waterfalls on these islands will be well worth the effort when you can cool down in their natural swimming holes.


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Do not miss out of the fresh food Fiji has to offer. Dishes range from meat traditionally cooked in an underground oven called Lovo, to kokoda which is fresh fish marinated in coconut milk, lemon and spices, to simple cassava chips, local cassava root sliced thin and fried like potato chips.