Taking a gap year and going overseas might be a daunting prospect, not only for your son/daughter going but also for you, watching them go.

At Lattitude Global Volunteering, your son/daughter’s safety is our top priority. We completely understand you may have concerns and queries and are here to support you as well as your son or daughter every step of the way.

We understand there is a lot to consider when choosing the right overseas placement programme. There are many organisations offering a variety of opportunities. But knowing which ones are the most responsible is not always easy to find. We believe our values, experience and dedication to young people as a youth development charity, makes us the top choice! But don’t just take our word for it, please feel free to read the blogs and stories of our volunteers


If your son or daughter has decided to take a volunteering placement with Lattitude, you will be kept in the loop as much as possible. Volunteers are invited to bring parents along to pre-departure briefings and all parents/guardians receive a full information pack designed for them. This includes all the relevant contact information throughout the Lattitude support network, so you can contact the right person, if needed. 


We have a strong support network in place to ensure your son/daughter’s safety throughout their gap year. Once your son or daughter arrives in their destination country, they will be met by their in-country manager and will attend an orientation. Along with a host mentor at their placement, the country manager will support your daughter or son throughout the length of their placement. We also have a 24/7 emergency phone line for both you and your child's use, in the event of an emergency.


With the ever growing access to the internet, there are many ways to stay in contact with your daughter or son wherever they are placed. On some placements, there may be access to a phone or the internet and will not be far from a town where they can easily get access to both. You will also be able to contact the country manager or their volunteer coordinator here in Canada (should you need to) as well as our 24/7 emergency phone line. Exact communication channels will depend upon where your daughter or son are placed, but we will inform you in advance of what is available and what previous volunteers have done.