Ireland, the Emerald Isle, is the westernmost outpost of Europe. Outside the vibrant, 21st century cities you will find a slower pace of life. A more relaxed attitude and a strong sense of community abound.

In Ireland our volunteers work in schools, camps and community centres, assisting teachers and other staff to provide high levels of education and care.

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Schools Assistant placements are at preparatory schools for 7 to 13 year old children, senior schools for 13 to 18 year students or schools which combine some or all of these. Many are single-sex schools. Volunteers are usually based in the boarding houses or PE/sports departments, but most schools try to give the volunteer a varied timetable.

Community placements are varied. Some are in residential homes, some involve in-home care and there are also a small number of social care placements working with homeless youth. Volunteer duties may involve assisting with the day-to-day personal care of residents, household maintenance, leading activities, or taking residents on outings to places of interests such as the theatre, seaside or the local pub!  


what's included

Food and accommodation is provided at all placements. Most placements also pay pocket money of approximately $100/week to volunteers for day-to-day expenses. 

Is it for me?

If you love a simpler life, friendly people and escaping into the country, then Ireland is for you. Living and working in this beautiful country you will create long lasting bonds with your colleagues and the children you are working with. You need to be hard working, unafraid of taking on responsibility and prepared to throw yourself into your placement and into Irish life.



We offer placements in southern counties such as Waterford and Cork as well as in Northern Ireland (part of the United Kingdom).



There are plenty of opportunities to travel. If placed within a school, volunteers will be able to travel during the school holidays and at the end of their placement.  With all other placements the opportunity to travel will be at the end of the placement.  

Ireland is just a short hop from the mainland Europe but retains a traditional, community feel in the small villages and towns. Dublin is the place to go for the “craic” which roughly translates as having fun and a laugh with your friends. 

Dublin’s clubs and bars are vibrant, noisy places where everyone is a friend and there’s no such thing as a quiet drink.