Living and working in Australia allows you to experience the country’s rich cultural heritage and diverse environment first hand, whether in the vibrant cities, the rugged outback or the northern tropics.  

Working in a variety of settings, you will be able to develop your skills and pursue new interests while contributing to children’s education and enjoyment.

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Schools Assistant placements are located throughout Australia in some of the country’s most welcoming and exciting schools.  You will have the chance to work alongside teachers, develop your own teaching skills and build strong relationships with the children as you assist with all aspects of school life.

Indigenous Education placements will give you the opportunity to learn about remote indigenous communities in Australia while supporting young students living away from their traditional support network.  They will suit patient, resourceful people who are accepting of the beliefs and values of Australia’s indigenous communities.

Outdoor Education camps provide outdoor education and recreation programs for organized groups. Volunteers will be assisting the group leaders in arranging activities for the children. They will also be involved with maintaining facilities, getting involved in property maintenance, cleaning and kitchen duties. Volunteers will be provided with full training and can gain qualifications.


what's included

You will live on site near or in the boarding school, or you may be in a rented property near the school. You will most likely share a room with another volunteer.

Food will be provided in the boarding dining hall, and will be basic “boarding school” food – don’t expect gourmet! You may find that you supplement your diet by buying some of your own food to break the monotony.

Volunteers will receive approximately $100/week, though this may vary from placement to placement. This is to cover day to day expenses such as toiletries, transportation and extra food. You shouldn’t look at it as something that you can save.

Is it for me?

Placements are located throughout Australia in some of the country’s most welcoming and exciting schools and camps. You will have the chance to work alongside teachers or camp staff and build strong relationships with the children as you assist with. 



Most placements are not in major cities, as we feel volunteers tend to be better received and integrate easier when they are placed in smaller cities, or regional areas. That is why we place volunteers in cities like Toowomba, Hamilton, Hobart and Townsville, to name but a few. Most are regional cities so you are not far from civilization.



Volunteers have the opportunity to travel in and around Australia during school holidays or at the end of the placement.

Don’t miss the chance to learn to surf on the East coast, snorkel or dive the Great Barrier Reef or explore the tropical jungles of the Northern Territories while learning about Aboriginal culture and history. 

Many volunteers visit the vineyards of South Australia or experience the highlights of Sydney. 

From culture vultures to outdoor enthusiasts, there really is something for everyone in Australia.

“Having a break made a big difference in my
ability to cope with new situations. Unexpected
things happen all the time, and when they happen I am a lot more easy going about it.”
— Connor Furneaux, Outdoor Education