Volunteer as an english teacher!

For those of you wanting a little more of a challenge, the role of English teacher could be just the thing. Attaining English language skills can open up huge opportunities for many people around the world, and these placements give you the opportunity to really make a difference. There is a wide range of English teaching placements available, in kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, universities and other language institutes, with people of all ages. 

Each country has its own approach to language learning. Some will have a curriculum to follow, while others will expect you to rely more on your initiative. You will be greatly valued for your skills in conversational English, which may be used to take your own classes, or to provide support to English teachers. Varied aptitudes, ages, class sizes and resources mean you will have to think on your feet and occasionally improvise, but you’ll never have a dull moment in the classroom.

Placements usually start off as teaching assistant roles, where you will help staff members from the English Department with language teaching. Then, when you gain more experience and confidence, you will be given more responsibility and will be expected to take a more active role, often planning and teaching your own classes. Some placements may even offer you the opportunity to help in other subjects as well, or to utilize other skills or interests  you may be willing to share.