With over 3000 years of rich history, thousands of islands, sunny beaches, snow covered mountains, beautiful villages and towns filled with vibrant culture, Greece is the setting for a truly exciting Gap Year.

Action Projects are designed to offer variety, working on a few different programs. They also offer an opportunity for you to extend your time abroad when grouped with another placement.

Based on the stunning island of Kefalonia, we offer 3 meaningful Action Project worktypes with a focus on animal welfare, the environment and marine conservation, running all-year-round. Our Greece Action Project is available in two options.

10-12 weeks

Much like our single country programs, volunteers may commit to our Greece program for a period of 3 months. Start dates are year-round so this option may work well if you are looking into our single country programs but need to fit your Gap Year into a specific time period.

4-9 weeks

See more of the world and take back to back placements!

If you are 17 and unable to attend your first choice of single country program due to visa restrictions, we can send you to Greece ahead of your chosen Gap Year placement. This will extend your overall time abroad and offers a second location during your Gap Year. We would also waive your Booking Fee in this case!

Or, alternatively, if you want to add just a bit more time to your Lattitude Gap Year experience and Greece is calling, a Greece Action project can start directly after your first placement ends. Start and end dates are flexible with this program so scheduling this is possible and second placement discounts would apply!

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PLACEMENT information

Animal Welfare

Stepping Stones Animal Foster Home is a not-for-profit animal foster home, with a focus on dogs and particularly re-homing puppies. There are always approximately 50 dogs and all the animals are abandoned or stray. The project is run from the home of a British expatriate on the island and comprises a number of dog pounds and kennels.

The ARK Animal Shelter is the main animal shelter and rescue centre on the island, with a focus on dogs. There are always 250-300 dogs at the centre. This is a not-for-profit organisation that relies solely on donations and voluntary assistance.

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Marine Conservation

Gain valuable research experience and increase your knowledge in the field of conservation! Wildlife Sense Kefalonia is a research and conservation project to study and protect Kefalonia’s endangered loggerhead sea turtles. Wildlife Sense recruits volunteers directly for just two week programs from June to September. Our Marine Conservation Action Project is always coupled with a stay at our Animal Welfare placement, for a minimum time abroad of 4 weeks to best foster your growth and learning.

Lattitude works in conjunction with Wildlife Sense to help recruit suitable volunteers for this important conservation work and give volunteers the opportunity to take part in this two week program as part of a longer Lattitude stay on the island, volunteering with one of our other placements (see Animal Welfare roles above).

Note that for this two week project you will stay at one of the Wildlife Sense volunteer houses and food is not provided.


Volunteer role summary
Volunteers are needed all year round. Minimum stay is two weeks coupled with an additional two weeks at our Marine Conservation placement for a total time abroad of four weeks, but longer stays are preferable.  The roles comprise of:

  • Daily cleaning of the dog pounds, collection and disposal of dog waste

  • Socialising and walking the dogs/puppies in order to make them familiar with human contact

  • Caring for sick animals

  • Photographing animals and adding content to relevant social media to assist with re-homing and awareness raising

  • Accompanying dogs to the vets for treatment and inoculations

  • Assisting with fundraising activities

Volunteer role summary

  • Survey the beaches of Kefalonia to find and protect sea turtle nests

  • Carry out environmental studies to quantify light pollution and determine light source

  • Measuring the continuous changes of the nesting beaches and the distance of the water from nests.

Check out this Happy Ending story about Finn, the baby turtle’s, release back into the wild: Finn’s Release

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Accommodation in dormitory style shared rooms in either the Lattitude Action Project hostel or one of the placement ‘hostels’.  The Lattitude hostel is in the island capital of Argostoli, with fabulous views of the town, the sea and mountains.



All Action Project volunteers pay a non-refundable $800CAD Booking Fee and $100CAD Application Fee. Program fees are then charged by the number of weeks (listed above). Fees include airport pick-up, in-country orientation on arrival, accommodation, and 24/7 in-country support. Basic meal ingredients are provided at the Lattitude hostel for all Kefalonia Action Projects.

What extra costs will I have?

  • Pre-departure: Tourist visa, flights, travel insurance (mandatory), medical check & vaccinations (if applicable)

  • On placement: Food is not provided at the Wildlife Sense project. The project encourages volunteers to pool an agreed amount of money and shop and prepare food collectively. For Kefalonia placements, you will be provided with basic ingredients but you should expect to supplement these with foods to fit your dietary preferences.

  • Free time: In-country trips or tours, social spending, gifts, mobile phone charges, personal effects

I love volunteering at Stepping Stones! It is so rewarding spending time helping with the dogs and seeing them have such a happy life
— Katie