Volunteer as an Outdoor Instructor!

Lattitude has a long established partnerships with a wide variety of camps and outdoor education centres within the UK, Australia & New Zealand. While paid staff are always present, our volunteers are in high demand to help meet the individual needs of every camper. As an outdoor activities instructor, you could be involved in helping or leading activities including kayaking, rock climbing, horse riding, hiking, archery, mountain biking, ropes, orienteering and more! A high level of training is provided upon arrival, so there is no need to have prior experience, just an open mind and a healthy dose of enthusiasm. 

In general, you will be working with groups of school children between the ages of 8 - 18, helping them navigate each days exciting activities. As a volunteer, you may also be asked to assist in the kitchen with meals, and also with general maintenance and cleaning duties. Outdoor activity instructors are never short of things to get involved with. You will be welcomed into the camp as a member of staff, and will participate in ongoing staff training which could see you gain outdoor qualifications, as well as increasing your knowledge and expertise of the outdoors.

Volunteering in outdoor education camps is a very social experience, as most camps take a number of volunteers to help alongside their full time staff. It's very likely that you will develop lasting friendships with your fellow workmates, as there is always a tangible feeling of “family“ within the workplace.