If you’ve got the travel bug and want to see as much as you can while adding real value to local communities, sign up for Project Asia! Work with a team of like-minded volunteers from around the world, explore different cultures and learn to travel like a pro! Challenge yourself for 4.5 months, completing a wide variety of activities in different countries with fantastic travel opportunities in between.

Volunteers will combine working and traveling to experience South East Asia in a unique and exciting way. You will volunteer your time to support the community and in between projects you can travel together and explore the region. But as you see and do more than tourists, you will gain unique insights into new cultures as well as develop a range of personal and practical skills.

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You will undertake a variety of different community projects during your time on the project. Starting in Vietnam, volunteers will have the option of being placed as teachers or teaching assistants.

Teaching Placements are in universities, primary schools and secondary schools. Volunteers provide students with the opportunity to practice their spoken English by leading activities such as conversation, role playing, singing and debating. A range of extracurricular activities including conversation groups, visiting students’ homes and playing sport adds great value and enjoyment to the placements. Volunteers may also be asked to teach the teachers and assist in enhancing their confidence in English conversation.

In Thailand and Cambodia, the project group will be given the choice to tailor their experience around these three roles:

Environmental Placements provide a true immersion in nature during the day! Discover the beautiful countryside and the culture of the locals in the evenings. Your work may involve wetland conservation, revegetation of tropical forests or fishing village conservation. You’ll not only be learning about the environment, you’ll be helping others to enjoy the beauty of nature too!

Community Placements will have you using your creative skills to assist in community centres that provide services such as accommodation, food, educational courses, medical and social help, cultural, and sport events. Volunteer tasks include a mix of organization of leisure activities for children (games, sports, or DIY workshop) and the organization of a final exhibition with the theme of art in general (painting, photography, sculpture, or musical show).

Construction Placements have you working on a team to renew playgrounds, renovate community areas and buildings, and revive landscaping. By installing new equipment and repairing existing structures, you’ll be bringing life back to a community in need.

Volunteers will also get to decide on a unique cultural immersion week to unwind and reflect at the end of the project.


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Food and Accommodation

Accommodation in Vietnam will be in teacher's accommodations provided by the placement. You will receive an allowance during this time.

Accommodation in Thailand and Cambodia will vary on different projects, and will include hostels, basic accommodation in community centres and accommodation in villages. Food arrangements will also vary based on the project and volunteers may need to assist in the preparation at times.

Accommodation and food will always be arranged for you during the project weeks. Accommodation and food will be at your own expense during the travel weeks between projects.



This 4.5 month program begins in Vietnam in either February or August and concludes in Thailand, stopping in Cambodia along the way for a project.


Week 1  

 Arrive in Hanoi, Vietnam for orientation and teaching skills course

Week 2-12 - First Project

First project placement in Vietnam at school

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Week 13

Travel Week to South Vietnam

Week 14-15 - Second Project

Project in Cambodia, volunteers free on weekends to travel locally

Week 16

Travel Week to Thailand

Week 17-18 - Third Project

Third project placement in Thailand

Week 19 - 20

Thailand project concludes, end of program evaluation , optional travel weeks


“I would never have been this adventurous had I not been on this placement; it’s really opened my eyes to the world.”

Marianne, English teacher