Project Europe is the perfect option for volunteers looking to blend travelling and independence with the opportunity to volunteer and travel in a team. Challenge yourself with hands-on team projects in different countries with amazing travel opportunities in between. Project Europe combines short volunteering programs with travel. Each volunteering project will last between two and four weeks each and these will be in four different European countries. 

With travel weeks built into the program, you have plenty of opportunities to explore more of Europe on your own or with your placement team. Nearby countries such as Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Netherlands, Italy are all at your fingertips! Your Team Leader will be on hand to help you with any travel arrangements you might want to make, or suggest a new adventure. You can really see a lot in the time provided!

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You'll undertake a variety of different community projects during your time on the project. Working in teams in four different countries, you'll be supporting local community projects. These projects may be environmental or renovation projects or you may be working with kids or the elderly. There are also opportunities to contribute to community arts programs or helping to run a festival.

Environmental Placements provide a true immersion in nature during the day! Discover the beautiful European countryside and discover the culture of the locals in the evenings. Your work may involve walking in mountains every day to reach the site of the camp. By maintaining trails and vegetation, you'll not only be learning about the environment, you'll be helping others to enjoy the beauty of nature too!

Community Placements will have you using your creative skills to assist in community centres that provide services such as educational courses, social help and cultural or sporting events. Volunteer tasks include a mix of organisation of activities for children (games, sports, or DIY workshops) and the organisation of a final exhibition.

Construction Placements have you working on a team to renew playgrounds or renovate community areas. By installing new equipment and repairing existing structures, you'll be bringing life back to a community in need. 

Events Placements have you working in teams of volunteers to assist with aspects of event or festival logistics. Typical tasks include assembling and dismantling of structures, building and putting up the decorations and transport and unloading of material.


Food and Accommodation

Accommodation will vary on different projects, and will include hostels, host families and basic accommodation in community centres. In Poland you will live with host families other than during the orientation and debriefing period when you will be in a hotel. During your travel time, you will most probably stay in hostels (at your own expense).



When you are overseas, our Country Managers in Poland and the UK will oversee the program and you will be supported by a Lattitude Team Leader as well as Project Leaders at each individual project. As this is a team program, there will be a lot of peer support from other volunteers throughout!

This program starts in Poland and finishes in Spain.You will attend an orientation when you first arrive in Poland, attend a mid-project review and also a debrief at the end.


Week 1  

 Arrive in Poland for one week orientation

Week 2-5 - First Project

First project placement in Poland for one month

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Week 6

Travel Week

Week 7/8 - Second Project

Second project placement in Germany for two weeks

Week 9

Travel Week

Week 10/11 - Third Project

Third project placement in the United Kingdom for two weeks

Week 12

Mid Placement Review over three days

Week 13

Travel Week 

Week 14/15 - Fourth Project

Fourth project placement in Spain for two weeks

Week 16/17 - Fifth Project

Fifth placement on a Social Action Project in Spain for two-three weeks

Week 18

Celebration and Debrief Week 

Week 19

Optional add on travel or language immersion 

“I’ve never learnt so much in two weeks as I did in that time!”
— Alex, Assistant Festival Organiser