Volunteer as a schools assistant!

As a Schools Assistant, you will have the opportunity to be a valued staff member in an educational setting, without being ‘thrown into the deep end’. You will assist qualified teachers and boarding house staff in their duties, and will take on the role of a trusted mentor, big brother or sister, tutor, and inspiration to students around the world. In short, may be asked to do a variety of tasks, although teaching in front of a classroom is not one of them. 

Each school will have specific duties that will become your responsibility. These usually involve a combination of boarding house duties, providing support to teachers in the classroom and undertaking a range of after school activities. You will become an active member of staff, whilst having the flexibility to bring some of your own skills and personality to the role. The students are always very excited to have a Lattitude volunteer as part of the team, and any after-school clubs or activities you can assist with are likely to be a big hit! 

Our host schools are all different and as such the role is slightly different in every school. Lattitude aims to make the most of your individual strengths and match you to a school where you can be both comfortable and able to contribute your skills. For example, If you enjoy sports, you may be matched to a school that has requested a ‘sporty’ volunteer and will be encouraged to participate in PE classes or coaching.

Similarly, If you have an interest in the arts, you may be able to assist in various art departments, and get involved in extracurricular activities depending on your skills and interests. Volunteers are often asked to participate in field trips, and may also be asked to help out in the school office with administration tasks where needed. School life varies from week to week, and our host schools are always trying to keep things fresh and interesting for volunteers, so you can expect to get involved in a wide range of roles during your time away.

Most of our schools assistant placements are in boarding schools and you will play an important role in the supervision of the boarding house. Given that boarders will often be living far from home, your presence is important and you will become a role model to them during your time there. Your duties may include getting boarders ready in the mornings, supervising bedtimes, helping with after school activities, homework and weekend excursions.