Volunteer as a teacher!

Teaching roles are incredibly diverse, and are available in many exciting destinations. In most cases, education can be the key to a prosperous future. However, many schools in developing countries are under-funded and under-resourced, meaning that teachers are often overstretched. Having a volunteer can make an enormous difference in the students lives.

Volunteers will draw on their own recent educational background, mentoring and educating students and supporting fellow staff. The scope of your role will depend on the needs of your host country. You may be given your own class to teach and plan lessons for soon after your arrival. Schools may call on volunteers to teach a wide range of subjects, so you will need to be creative in the use of whatever resources are available. There is usually a curriculum to follow, from which fun & exciting lesson plans can be developed.

Volunteers are encouraged to bring their enthusiasm to the classroom, and engage with the students as much as possible. You may consider bringing additional teaching resources from home to help make your lessons more exciting. Small things like coloured paper & stickers can really get your students engaged. While these placements can sometimes be challenging, they are often the most rewarding, and can offer the most in terms of your own personal development.